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How Important are the Term of Use and Other Regulatory Pages of Your Website

terms generatorThere are many pages on a website that will act to form an agreement between you and the users of your site. Often these pages are written purely as you must have them to satisfy some legislation or requirement as well as to look professional. Typically many websites will need to have the following pages available:

  • Terms of service
  • Terms and conditions
  • Privacy Policy – in most countries this is a legal requirement and your site must have this.
  • Cookie Policy
  • Disclaimer page

These pages are not always required by law, however you should take them seriously as they can help to limit your liability should someone decide to take you to court for some reason. You should especially take this seriously if others are able to post comments or reviews to your site as you may be held responsible for what they have said. Many people have been taken to court recently regarding fraudulent or defamatory reviews and the laws of free speech do not cover comments that could incite violence or hate.
Some of these pages can be quite long winded and legally worded and will look quite daunting to write on your own. So this site will look at the ways that you can create your pages.

Copying Another Sites Terms and Conditions

terms and conditions generatorWhile many site owners will just seek out a similar site to their own and copy the terms and conditions and other pages that they need this can be a huge amount of work. In addition to this you may be charged with plagiarism if someone has spent money on creating their own legally binding terms and had them worded specifically for their own site. You may also find it very difficult to go through and change everything perfectly to ensure that it matches your specific requirements. This website will try to help you cut through some of the many problems that you may encounter when trying to write these pages for your site.

Using a Terms Generator

terms of service generatorFor many cases there are what is known as a terms of service generator. The simplest of these will purely take your business name and location and will then populate a standard template with those details to provide you with your Terms of Service (TOS). However a terms generator will not always be fully suited for your business and you may still have to go through it carefully to ensure that the terms of use generator has not included anything that could be incorrect for your business. These are however very quick to use and will provide you with a very standard set of terms that you can use within your site. You can also find a terms generator that is suited for a specific style of site such as an ecommerce site so these will provide you with terms that are better related to your business. You can also find all of these forms of generators for your site:

  • Privacy policy generator – this will generate a generic style privacy policy for your site that will satisfy most users and search engines such as Google.
  • Disclaimer generator – These can be found to cover various situations and can quickly provide you with a simple disclaimer page for your website.
  • Cookie policy generator – With legislation requiring that you have a policy in place for cookies and that users accept that policy in many countries it is vital that you have this policy.

Like the terms generator they work very simply by simply automatically populating a template with the information that you provide. Our website will look at the different terms generators that you can use and will provide you with information to help you decide which is going to provide you with the most relevant information for your website and business.

Terms Templates

terms templatesAnother way to easily generate the pages that you need for your site is to simply take a formal template and then add the information that is required yourself. While a terms generator is simpler and less work for many they may be limited with regards to the styles of sites that they cover. We can provide you with a host of different templates that are correctly worded for a host of different situations and styles of websites so that you can find the right template for your site.
Our templates are easy to use and can be downloaded and used very easily so that you can generate the pages that you require for your site. Unlike copying what others have created and modifying it for your own use; using our templates will not give you any issues with plagiarism. Templates also have spaces for your site name and other data so you are not having to hunt through after to ensure that you have erased all trace of the original site if you have copied the pages.

Legalities for a Terms Generator

privacy policy generatorIf you have an online business that involves selling services, advice or products then you may wish to ensure that you have your policy pages reviewed properly to ensure that your liabilities are limited fully. This site is only offering advice as to how you can generate your own pages using templates and a terms generator so it is up to you to ensure that the pages that are created are completely suitable for your site and that they meet any legal requirements placed on your business. If you are really worried you should always have an attorney draft them for you or review what you have created.