What Is a Cookie Policy?

what is website cookies policy

Source: everyinvestor.co.uk

A cookie is a text file that can be stored in your mobile device or computer by a site server. The fact is that every cookie is unique. It contains anonymous details like unique identifier and site name with digits and numbers. It gives chance to the site to remember some things like its users preferences.

What Is a Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text with ID tags that are being stored on the computer of the users. It is created when you use a browser in visiting a site that uses cookies in keeping track of its users’ habits. It helps you resume on where you left off. Cookies can be used by web servers in tracking and identifying users. In fact, cookies can be session cookies or persistent cookies. A session cookies expire at the end of user session or when the web browser is closed and persistent cookies on the other hand, consists of text file that sent by webs server to web browser that will be stored by browser and remain valid until the expiry date.

Using Cookie for Websites

Cookies for websites does not contain details that will identify personally the user. The cookies include are those necessary for the navigation and access that tracks the website users. The cookies give targeted advertising and content. In some instances, it is used for the following purposes:

  • Recognize users computer every time they visit the website
  • Track its users as its navigate the website
  • Improve website’s usability
  • Analyze use of the website
  • Administration of the website
  • Personalize the website which include targeting advertisements that interest its users

Note: You are allowed to delete the cookies if you want. You can manually set your settings to delete the cookies that are stored in your computer. We advise to use a cookie policy generator to create a proper document.

It is also important if you have cookie policy for your users to understand and agree on it. It will be their basis whether to continue visiting your website or not. It can be easily created with the help of a free cookie policy generator.

Knowing about website cookies policy is important in some cases, especially if you have a website because it helps you to track your visitors and things they do on the site!