Website Content Disclaimer Examples

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Correct Website Content Disclaimer

Website content disclaimer is important for your website. If you want to know a good sample of it, check this page. It will give you enough details on what you need to do. Be sure that you understand it correctly.

Website Disclaimer Examples

The good thing with website disclaimer examples are that it gives ideas to people. They learn on what to include in a disclaimer by reading the sample. If you also have a hard time just like other people, then checking out website legal disclaimer template will help you a lot.

  • Introduction: In this part, you need to tell that the disclaimer governs the usage of visitors on the website or by using the website. You need to write that the visitors or users should accept the disclaimer in full.
  • Intellectual property rights: As the licensors or as the operator, you should inform your visitors that you own the intellectual property rights of your website as well as materials included on it. All property rights are reserved.
  • License to use website: This is one of the sections in your disclaimer that you should not forget. In here, you need to write that the visitors or users can download or view and print pages for personal use, but it is subject to certain restrictions. Users must not republish any materials on the website which include republication on another site, site or rent sub-license materials of the website and to show any materials from the site in public.
  • Limitation and exclusion warranties: The Company ensures that all the information provided in the site are correct, but the company does not warrant its accuracy and completeness or commit to ensure that the site remains available and up to date.
  • Variation: The disclaimer can be revised from time to time. The disclaimer will be applied from date of publication of the revised disclaimer.
  • Law and jurisdiction: The disclaimer is governed by as well as construed in accordance with the country’s law.

There you have a good sample of disclaimer on website. If you still want more examples, you can check out the web to look for more great terms templates!