Warranty Terms and Conditions Sample

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Knowing how to write warranty terms and conditions is important especially if you have a business. You need to know the format and the information you need to include. With warranty terms and conditions sample, you gain ideas.

Examples of Terms and Conditions


Product is covered under 1 year standard warranty as well as additional 1-year warranty from time of purchase.

Warranty type of product is carry.

Warranty product will be null and void if:

  •  The product is damaged physically
  •  The product is repaired, maintained, modified, and disassembled

Warranty limitation

  • Warranty product of product is limited to manufacturing defect
  • Warranty product of product doesn’t cover other accessories such as strap, lens, case, cap and others such as batteries
  • The warranty doesn’t cover replacement of product
  • Warranty doesn’t cover damages caused due to God and force majeure acts

Aside from this, knowing terms and conditions website template will help you a lot. Here is a template you can deal with so that you know what you should do. Knowing this warranty terms and conditions is a good help for you to get started.

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  • Extended warranty
  • General

Having access to examples of terms and conditions will guide you and help you to know more ideas on how you should create or write your terms and conditions. It will definitely be your guide to know what you need to do. There is nothing wrong to make a research on the internet, especially if it is for the good of your business. You need to check on the best terms and conditions and make notes on how it is created by other people. If you are still struggling, you can try to use terms and conditions generator.

Using Terms and Conditions Generator

Trying to use terms and conditions generator will help you. What you need to do is to provide the needed information and the tool will be the one to do the rest work. You just need to make sure that you follow the instructions.

There you go a sample and blog terms and conditions template that will help you to get started. Be sure that you start to write your terms and conditions while you have enough time!