Terms of Use Template for Website

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The terms of use agreement is used for mobile apps, Facebook apps, websites, APIs and others. The purpose of it is setting rules where users should agree. Here is good terms of use template for website you can use.

Usage of Free Terms of Use Template

With terms of use agreement template, it helps you to create and modify your website. If you have a web design company, you can use it to your clients and do not charge them. To know a sample, this page will present what you are looking for.

  • Credits to be retained: Credits in source code should be retained. Source code is being viewed by developers and it will not be seen by other regular visitors.
  • Third party’s terms of agreement: If there are images that are used by third party, you need to follow the link of discussion.
  • Redistribution: In order to get quality terms templates, redistribution is important. You need to include a section of it saying that it prohibits redistribution unless it is approved by the website.

The terms of use should include:

  • License of copyright in website
  • Disclaimer liability
  • Clause that governs use of passwords as well as restricted areas of the website
  • Acceptable use clause
  • Variation clause
  • Entire agreement clause
  • Clause specifying applicable law
  • Provision specifying some of the details that needs to be disclosedWebsite terms of use template

Help of Terms of Use Agreement Template

The terms of use agreement template will be your guide to start creating your terms of use. If you do not know what to include, the sample terms of use agreement for website will be your help and will assist you to start creating one for you. You can include sections for rules against spamming, clause in informing users about your logo, content and others.

The time you know about privacy and terms of use template, you need to begin creating your terms of use for your website. You need to do well in writing to inform the customers or users.

Start to create your terms of use agreement for your website today to inform users on what they should do and avoid!