Standard Website Terms of Use Template

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Standard Website Terms of Use Example

If you have a website, it is important that you have generic website terms of use and if you do not know what to include, a template will help you a lot. Here is a template for standard website terms of use that serve as your guide to get started.

Standard Terms of Use

  • Legal notices: In here, you need to tell that users should review the basic rules governing usage of the website. If the users do not agree on the terms and conditions, they should not use the website and any materials that are provided in the website.
  • Permitted and prohibited uses: users can use the website for exchanging and sharing ideas to other users but they should not use it that cause damage to the website. They should not use it in violating any local state, international or national law.
  • User submissions: You can write in here that operators do not want to receive any proprietary or confidential information from its users. Any information, material and other communication that will be posted or transmitted in the website will be considers as non-confidential.
  • User discussion lists and forums: If you own the website and serve as the operator, you can write that you are not obliged to review or monitor areas of the website where your users post or transmit communication. The operators and owners are not liable to any content of communications.
  • Use of personally identifiable information: All the information that is submitted to website will be governed according to operator’s current privacy policy.
  • Indemnification: You should agree to indemnify, hold and defend harmless agents, vendors, operators, or suppliers against all claims, costs, expenses and damages.
  • Termination: These terms of use agreement are effective until terminated by any party. If you do not agree to the terms of use, you should remove your account.
  • Warranty disclaimer: In terms templates there should be a warranty disclaimer for your website to inform your users and customers.

Whenever you do not need to do, you should not worry because there are samples as well as terms of use website generator on the internet that you can check out. It will help you in getting started!