Standard Disclaimer Template

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How to Write Standard Website Disclaimer

Standard website disclaimer is important for people who have a website. They need it to guide the visitors on what they should do. If you are looking for ways or a template on how to have a good disclaimer, check this out. What’s more, you can always use a free terms generator in order to save time.

Standard Disclaimer Template

This standard disclaimer template will surely helps you to start writing your own because you do not need to worry on what information you need to include.

  • Introduction: The disclaimer governs use visitors use of the website. By using the site, visitors agree in full about the disclaimer. If there are certain content that you do not want, it is better not to use the website.
  • Intellectual property rights: In here, you need to state that the company together with its licensors own rights in site as well as materials on the site. It is subject to license and all intellectual property rights are reserved.
  • License in using the site: Visitors can download and view for the purpose of caching only. Users are allowed to print pages provided that:
    • You should not republish any materials from the site, store material or reproduce material.
    • You should not copy, duplicate, sell, resell or reproduce the materials of the website for commercial purpose, especially without consent that is written from the company.
  • Limitations of the liability: The details on the site are given for free and you should acknowledge that the company is not liable for your usage.
  • Forum posting and comments: You should not use the website that causes, damage or may cause damage to the accessibility of the site.
  • Third party websites: The website is not liable for any content of 3rd party websites.
  • Variation: The Company can revise the disclaimer anytime. You should check the page once in a while to be updated and be familiar with current version.
  • Entire agreement: The disclaimer constitutes agreement between the company and to you.
  • Law and jurisdiction: The notice is governed by as well as construed in accordance with the law of the country.Website Disclaimer template

If you need to write disclaimer policy for website, researching as well as a generic email disclaimer template will help you. There is also nothing wrong to get a help from other people!