Sample Terms of Use Agreement for Website

terms of use agreement sample online


A “terms of use” is also known as terms and conditions or terms of service. It is an agreement referring to legally binding contact between mobile app, website, Facebook app and other users, which include its visitors and customers. The terms of use is set of regulations that users and customers must need to follow

Terms of Use Agreement

If you have a website, the terms of use agreement includes rules and must agree to use of the website. If you have a business for software as service, it consist rules customers and they need to agree with it. For mobile app having a website, the terms of use serve as the agreement to users and they need to agree with it. The agreement includes essential clauses like intellectual property, termination and others.

Sample disclosures: Sample Terms of use Agreement for Website

If you check out sample terms of use for website, you will see that included sections you also need to have in your agreement. It must include at least disclosures in protecting your business from user’s abuses. In here, you need to:

  • State that if users do not agree with your terms that are posted on the internet, then they will not able to register their account. Enforceability of the agreement is essential, but keep in mind that the implementation of the agreement is important.
  • You also need to have a warranty disclaimer. In terms of use sample, it contains warranty disclaimer and in this section, it discloses that the details given in the website is complete, suitable and accurate for any purpose.
  • In website terms of use example there also should be a termination disclosure wherein it says that you need to reserve right in terminating accounts you think abusive for other community users or it is against the business.

A term of use for website business is important and it is recommended. It is a mandatory as private policy. The terms of use generator can help create an agreement which informs the users about rules they need to agree with. The private policy informs users about privacy practices.

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