Online Store Terms and Conditions Template

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A “terms of service” is a list of rules that visitors or users should know. It is a guideline for visitors to know what they should do and what they should not. It is a guide to visitors while they are on your online store like spamming, posting or hacking. To create a perfect document you can easily draw ideas from a warranty terms and conditions sample.

Importance of Online Shop Terms and Conditions

Online shop terms and conditions is importance and you must have terms and conditions for your online business. The purpose of it is to reassure customers that they will not be exposed to viruses, obscene or spammers. If there is a disagreement between the visitor and the operator, it will protect the operator from being used.

Ecommerce Terms and Conditions Sample

  • Conditions of use: In here, you need to welcome your visitors and tell them about your service. You can say that shopping or visiting the website means that they accept the terms and conditions.
  • Privacy: For instance, please review the privacy notice that governs visitation to website and understanding the practices.
  • Electronic communications: When you visit the company or send emails, you agree that you are communicating electronically. You allow receiving communications electronically. The company will communicate with the customer, user or visitor by posting notices or sending email.
  • Copyright: All the contents included in the website like logos, text, graphics, images, button icons, digital downloads, audio clips, software and data compilations, is property of the company and protected by copyright international laws.
  • Trademarks: All trademarks not owned by the company appearing on the website are property of owners even though they are and not affiliate, sponsored or connected by the company or any its subsidiaries.
  • License and site access: The company will grant you limited access and personal use of the website. The license doesn’t include commercial use or resale.

Aside from knowing ecommerce terms and conditions sample, it is important that you know how to construct your own terms and conditions based on the template as well as samples provided to you.

The time you know what to do with terms templates, you need to get started writing your terms and conditions!