How to Write a Warranty Disclaimer?

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What Is a Warranty Disclaimer?

A warranty disclaimer is an agreement that contains information about all services or products that are offered on a website. However, the exact information that this disclaimer gives is what the warranty exactly covers from these services or products. It should also contains as is warranty disclaimer about the parts or options that are covered by the warranty, how long the warranty covers it, what to do when parts or options of a product or services are not what they should be, how to get customer service if any problem is presented and if the state laws of the country the website is from have anything to do with how the warranty is managed. However, all that is going to be included in the warranty terms and conditions sample totally depends on the kind of website it is, also, the products and services it offers.

For E-Commerce websites, for example, the best warranty examples would be Return or Refund policies as they are the most likely to be needed when the website offers digital products or services. On the other hand, a website that offers physical products would demand a normal Warranty Disclaimer that explains everything pertinent to the use and managed of the products and how to get a solution if any problem is presented. Whatever it is the type of website you have, in this article we are going to show you some recommendations to write a perfect warranty disclaimer for your website in order to have a better managed of the warranty your website offers for products or services.

Recommendations on Writing a Warranty Disclaimer

There are always many ways of writing as is warranty disclaimer depending on the type of website, however, the main steps to do it are going to be shown next:

Explain what the warranty covers

If you sell a product you should include if there are any defects that are covered by the warranty with all conditions and benefits that customers can make use of. The most important part of this part is to include the specifics by which the warranty works.

Tell what is the website responsible for

Depending on the kind of service or product that is offered, the website should always inform all customers and users, at the moment of receiving the service or product, or at the moment of entering the website, what it is responsible for and how it is going to be managed if the responsibility falls under the website.

This section should include specifics about refunds, returns, repairs, replacements or even exchanges depending on the type of product of service that is offered.

State how long is the warranty

In this part of a warranty disclaimer, the website should include the amount of time the warranty will work on the product or service that was sold. Also, if the warranty offers different periods of times for different products or offers promotions as free repairs or replacement for what’s offered, it should also be published.

Say what the warranty does not cover

Also, in all warranty examples of disclaimers, the website should always let its customer know what the warranty does not offer for its products or services. Any warranty option that is not covered by the disclaimer should be put down and stated, like thefts, a problem because of negligence, lost goods or inability of use for not knowing, etc.

Inform about what to do

The warranty disclaimer should also explain to its customers what they should do in order to make use of that warranty in case it has to be used if any of the warranty policies are included in the product or service that was sold. The most common practice is to tell customers what to do or who to contact when having problems with the goods.

Explain what laws it covers

Depending on the location of the website, the warranty disclaimer and generic privacy policy should always comply with all law requirements that are important to make use of that warranty. This can depend on the location and method of use.

Best Warranty Disclaimer Examples

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As is warranty disclaimer are totally important for websites that offer products or services, this warranty disclaimer should always be written in the most easy-to-read and concise way, so customers won’t have a problem with understanding and knowing what the warranty of the products or services being offered comprises.

Follow our warranty examples and recommendations and you will be writing the best warranty disclaimer for your website, depending on your offered services and products!