Generic Website Terms of Use Sample

generic website terms of use example


Writing Generic Terms of Use

If you are looking for generic website terms of use, this page will provide what you need. Knowing how to create one will help you a lot that you can use for your website. Check this terms of use template for website out!

Generic Terms of Use Sample

  • Introduction: In here, you need to give what your website governs. It must indicate that users should accept the terms of use as well as any part of its conditions.
  • Credit: You can say that without purchasing license, it is infringement of copyright that is why you need to include it in your terms of use.
  • Copyright notice: In here, you need to write about copyright, year of the first publication and full name. You need to write that all intellectual property and copyright in the website should be reserved.
  • License to use website: In here, users can view pages of the pages in web browser, download page, print page and much more, but it is subject to provisions of terms of use. There are still many things you need to include in here that is why you need to make a little bit research.
  • Acceptable use: You need to inform that users should not use the website that damages the website performance, accessibility or availability. The use of the website that is fraudulent, harmful or illegal is not accepted.
  • Registration and accounts: If you have limit for age, you need to tell that a person cannot create or register their account is they are not 18 years of age and above. They need to submit and complete the form of the website.
  • Cancellation and suspension of account: The website or owners can suspend your account, cancel or edit the account.
  • Content license
  • Content rules
  • Limited warranties
  • Limitations and exclusions of liability
  • Breaches of terms of use
  • Variation
  • Assignment
  • Severability
  • 3rd party rights
  • Entire agreement
  • Law & jurisdiction
  • Statutory & regulatory disclosures

There you have the things you need to learn in creating terms of user, but if you struggling, you can use website terms of use generator free to help you. Start choosing the best generator for website terms of use!