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It is important to know about generic terms of service because you can use it on your business. The ecommerce terms of service will inform the visitors or the customers on what they should learn. Here is a good template you can use.

Simple Terms of Service Sample

Knowing how to write terms of service website is a good thing but what about for people who do not know how to create one. They should not worry because this page will present good terms templates they can follow.

  1. Disclaimer: In this part, you need to inform the users or visitors that they should know their responsibility. Your company will not be liable as well as responsible for any private policies created by the company services.
  2. Email opt-in: If you use the website, you agree to receive weekly email updates, tips and suggestions. You can unsubscribe to it by clicking the unsubscribe subscription button. The time you unsubscribe, you no longer receive any updates.
  3. Copyright: The content included in the company’s website which include but not limited to text or code is copyrighted and under copyright laws. You are only allowed to print hard copy or print images for the sole purpose of placing your order only.
  4. Trademarks: Service marks and trademarks of the website will be used and it is registered under trademarks of the company.
  5. Warranty disclaimer: No materials on the website have warranties.
  6. Limitation of liability: The website is not liable for special or consequential damages that results from the result of use of the visitors or users.
  7. Errors: There are mistakes that the website commit, especially when it comes to pricing the available products. If there is an error in the pricing, the website has the right to cancel to orders of customers and to correct the price.
  8. Notice: There will be notices that will be delivered to customers and visitors.Terms of service template

It is better if you write simple terms of service for everyone to understand it. Not all are good at English and using simple language is advisable. You also need to be clear and specific in writing your terms of service!