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A clear set of terms of service is an important step in checkout and navigation process. It is important to have terms of service to inform your readers on what you allow them to do and what they should not do. Here is a sample.

Ecommerce Terms of Service

  • Disclaimer: In your ecommerce terms of service, you need to include a disclaimer section.
  • Supplier identification: The customer needs to know who you are that is why providing brief information about the website and the company is important.
  • Privacy policy and cookies: In these terms of service template, you need to explain to the customers how cookies are being collected, managed, stored and used in the website.
  • Contract execution: In here, you need to tell how user’s personal date will be used in providing their ordered services or goods.
  • Email newsletter: If you sign up to the newsletter, you agree to receive information about the company’s services and products.
  • Cookies and monitoring: Monitoring is essential for customers in understanding what details you are collecting when they visit the website. It is essential to give the reasons why you’re monitoring traffic for your site.
  • Disclosure of personal data: The website can disclose personal data to other companies that belong to the group, in selling business, to service providers and agents.
  • Product information: In your standard terms of service describe specific conditions of the product like restriction of sale.
  • Right to cancel: All customers have the right to cancel their order under the set regulations of the company.
  • Notices: All notices you want to send to the company should be send to the contact details of the website. Also, the company can give notices through postal address that you give to them or through email.
  • Conclusion: The terms of service are governed by the laws of the country. Any contract for purchase of goods from the website and disputes or any claims arising out will be governed by the laws of the country.

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