Disclaimer for a Blog

disclaimer text for blog

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Correct Website Disclaimer Template

A disclaimer for a blog can be anything, but you still need to know the sections that your disclaimer must have. It is important that you know what to do so that you can do well and for the readers to understand about it. You can always review a standard disclaimer template to get some ideas and copy the style. You can easily use a free online disclaimer generator if you feel the following tips are not enough.

Website Disclaimer Template

With website disclaimer template, you have a guide. Here are essential parts that you need to know about the disclaimer.

  • Content validity: A blog is a transition, which means a published blog may not be accurate or valid in 2 weeks. The sources, information, links and content change overtime that is why you need to protect yourself from its evolution by having a content validity section.
  • Content accuracy: people make mistakes and the disclaimer should ensure to take the validity and accuracy of the blogs content,
  • External links: Your link should be link 100%. It should be redirected to your own blog and not to other sites. You should make sure that you correct as early as possible if you made a mistake in your external links.
  • Graphic and photographs images: If you’re not using images that is not yours, you need to tell it. If you own the images, then make a claim that it is yours, but you should ensure that you would not offend anyone.
  • Files, downloadable and programs: If you have downloadable programs or files like plugins, themes, WordPress and others, you need to make sure that they get it correctly and you need to protect yourself if there are instances that the files are damages or someone else site, computer or blog.
  • Libel and defamation: Make sure and be clear that your readers does not hold you libel for whatever you display and say. Tell that the content is your opinion and it is not intended to malign groups of people, religion and others.
  • Responsibility: A disclaimer for website must have responsibility section. Tell that you’re responsible for the content of your blog not any group, not your employer, not any membership organization and other agencies.

Begin writing a disclaimer text now that you know how to come up with one today!