Confidentiality Disclaimer Sample

confidentiality disclaimer sample


Confidentiality Disclaimer Sample

Disclaimers covers different legal aspects. In crating the website content disclaimer, it is essential to choose the statement that you will need to use. If you need to create a confidentiality disclaimer, this page will present what you are looking for.

Example of a Disclaimer

  1. Breach of the confidentiality & breach of confidentiality accidental: In here you need to write that email and other files transmitted are confidential and intended for the use of a person. If you receive an email in error, you should notify the manager. The message contains confidential details and intended for individual named.
  2. Transmission of the viruses: If you are using an email, there is an instance that the virus will be transmitted that is why the recipient mist need to check the email as well as its attachments if it contains viruses. The website or the company does not liable for any damages that caused by virus transmitted through email. For email transmission, it cannot be guarantee that it is error free and secure because there is information that can be corrupted, intercepted, destroyed, lost and incomplete or has arrived late.
  3. Entering contracts: No agent or employee is authorized to conclude binding agreement to the company with other parties if it has no expressed written consent from the director or supervisor.
  4. Negligent misstatement: The Company does not accept any liability for content of the email, unless the detail is confirmed.
  5. Liability of the employer: Any opinions or views presented are solely for the use of author and does not represent the company. The employees of the company are required not to create any defamatory statement and to infringe copyright.
  6. Company address: If you check out disclaimer form template, you will see that you need to state the name of your company. Underneath of it, you need to write the disclaimer. Adding website can be useful when it comes to marketing purposes.

A legal disclaimer generator is essential if you have a web page, online store or a blog. It will protect you from abuses that is why you need to write a complete and specific disclaimer!