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best privacy statement sample

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Everything about Privacy Statement Template

A privacy statement is an agreement that is used by websites to explain and give information about all data that is collected by the website or its third-party links, specifying the way it is collected, why and exactly what is collected and is created by free privacy policy generator. If the website of any kind uses the personal data of the users or customers in any way, it should always be explained. Also, depending on the data that is obtained from customers or visitors, the website should create a clause where it explains the responsibility it has over the use of that data in order to avoid any problems in the future with its users or visitors. This privacy statement can be used in many ways, but as it is, the most common used it has is on business websites, blogs and mobile apps depending on the amount and what kind of data is collected, if any. This privacy statement can be really different from one country to another, as they mostly behave depending on the privacy laws the country of creation for the website was. This agreement can also be known under these names: privacy policy, privacy notice, privacy information, privacy page. However, all privacy laws should talk and explain the following points of a privacy statement template:

  • Notice: The website collecting the data must explain what use they are making with the data that is collected, specifying the exact use and storage.
  • Choice: The website should let the customers or users choose if they want their data to be collected and used, also let them know that they can still use the services or not if they do.
  • Access: Every user or customer of the website should be able to grasp the amount of information that is collected and the accuracy of it, always staying alerted of the website not taking more information than what was previously stated.
  • Security: At the end, a website should explain thoroughly through a privacy statement how the information is going to be used and how it is going to be protected from any third-party website or services, always keeping it away from unauthorized manage.

This all means that a privacy statement actually works as a text that explains customers, users and visitors of a website how personal data is collected, what is collected and why, always explaining every important point that has to do with both the range of use and type of storage method.

A privacy statement and disclaimer samples should include the necessary explanation of the website indicating which of the next information is taken from its users:

  • Email address
  • First and last name
  • Billing and shipping address
  • Credit card information
  • And so on

Correct Privacy Statement Template

The following privacy statement template will show you what exactly should be included in a privacy statement sample:

  • Information collection and use: As said before, this part of a privacy statement explains how and what is collected from the users or visitors of a website. Also, it explains what’s the use of that data or information that is collected.
  • Log data: This section informs users and visitors that their data is collected immediately or later, depending on the website. This log data collects information like IP, type of browser that is used, pages previously visited and even the cookies the user has on his PC.
  • Cookies: This section of the privacy statement template states that the website is storing cookies from its website on the computer of every user. Also, this section should inform every user and visitor that those cookies can be disabled if they do not want to share any information.
  • Security: This section explains users and visitors how their data is collected and preserved, making them know that their data is totally secured and won’t be used by any unauthorized party.
  • Links to other sites: This part states that the website can link the user or visitor to other websites depending on the kind of content that is being seen. This section is mostly added in websites that offer services or products from other sellers apart from the website itself.
  • Changes to this privacy policy: This part should include when the privacy statement was created and when it was modified. Also, it should state that the privacy statement sample is totally subject to changes in the future.
  • Contact us: This part should include the information users or visitors can use to contact the website owner in order to make complaints about the policy or to demand more information about how their data is going to be used.

Create Your Privacy Statement Easily

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At the end, a privacy statement is the best way to avoid any legal action against a website that works in many ways and exposes a lot of content for many visitors and users. This kind of document actually helps the website owner to have more control over the data that is collected by his website and how it is managed, keeping it always legal and totally correct from a user point of view.

If you want to create your own privacy statement, we invite you to make use of our privacy statement template and create the best privacy statement you can!